Slingsby London Dry Gin

Citrus-based, with hints of juniper and also green tea.

Dictador Ortodoxy Premium Aged Gin,

Colombian gin aged in rum casks, there’s a great mixture of berries, roots, mint, lemon and more, and with spice in all the right places, this is a gin that fully deserves its Premium title.

Nordés Gin

Very particular smell of lavender, one whiff gets your attention. Albariño grapes are used as opposed to the grains more often used for spirits. Elements of liquorice, hisbiscus and juniper.

Ungava Gin

Gets its vibrant hue from the post-distillation maceration of wild rose hips and cloudberry in particular. Smooth, fresh and floral, this is a gin that’s quite simply easy to enjoy. Perfect for those who love to push their boundaries.

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