The Next Bottle

And so, it begins…

The ever-growing interest in wine is no bolt from the blue, with food & wine pairing events, wine tasting sessions and the like are all readily available every other week, which shows that people are starting to appreciate the finer things in life.

So what’s in a name?

The original idea was established by Emann and Kevin, at first just because they wanted to see where tasting would take them – throw in a couple of good friends each with their own inspirations, and we’re now looking to start a running blog and journey through different “chapters” of grapes, countries, prices and so much more. The name is not wine-specific for a very simple reason: allowing space for experimentation. Some of us have a sweet spot for gin, others have the nose for whiskey and we’re probably all partial to drop of rum, so on occasion we will venture away from the world of wine rum-mage around for other inspirations (one pun allowed per blog, sorry).

There’s more to wine than just a special occasion

Of course, there’s more than a fair share of experts to learn from, which is why we at The Next Bottle got together as a group. The twist? We’re not all experts, we’re simply a group of friends with common interests. The main idea is to show that wine can be enjoyed with most meals, which one to choose for which dish and how to define taste and smell.

We’re also drinking for all the right reasons

Honestly, we are. Despite the multitude of apps that offer every conceivable detail (and these are all essentials that make wine the nectar of the gods), sometimes people just want to know what it tastes like and which food is best paired with it. Of course, we will venture into what makes a wine dry or sweet, nasal tones, grape origin and more, but our main output will be free of pretensions.

Our first date

Life’s about experiences, and the best ones tend to have wine at some point. Therefore, essentially, we’re just looking to garnish our existence with the good stuff, and if we can inspire you along the way, then we’re happy to have helped. Follow us for our next (wine-featuring) post, where we start off with a tasting of three whites and three reds.

A sneak-peek of our first meeting…

Yours truly,

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