Five Shades of Spain

As promised after Wines that Make America Great, we shifted to Spain with our Five Shades of Spain event, and we were taken to a most magical of locations, magical in its’ simplicity and aura. Held in Diar il-Bniet’s lemon grove, it was a captivating setting, from the local farmer who went from table to table, allowing guests to sample the produce, to the dog running around enjoying the attention and entertainment as much as everyone.

Magical just about covers it…

Given the nature of the event, rather than just traditional Maltese food, our hosts provided fresh paella, with the pan sizzle colouring in the background silence to really complement the pleasant night that was about to begin.

We had some Barcelona bubbles to kick of the evening, with the Mas Comtal Cava, a sparkling wine characterised mainly by fresh-and-fruity elements on the nose and palate, a pale straw colour. When pairing with food, it’s rather versatile, as it matches well with appetizers and desserts alike, but also fish, shellfish and quite surely salads.

Bubbles from Barca to kick it off…

The first of our five shades came in the form of the Ana Príncipe 2018, from the Bodega Cesar Príncipe winery. Using only Verdejo grapes, this white wine with green hues doesn’t just roll of the palate; it lingers just long enough to leave a clean and fruity aftertaste. Would be greatly paired with rice dishes (including paella, but not tonight), pizza and pasta dishes. A definite summer favourite.

A great choice for a summer wine

Our second shade was also one of the night’s top picks. The Colleita de Martis 2018 is composed of only Albarino grapes, a variety described as “the perfect food wine” and with a lively melange of flavours on the palate of citrus, almond and peach, this wine is a fantastic accompaniment to most seafoods and fish dishes, so keep an eye out for it during these last days of summer!

Pair with sea food dishes for a great match-up!

Our rosé bridge for the evening was the bright and fruity Pizzicato, which set us up perfectly for the switch onto reds. With no compromise on tropical fruits and floral tones, this is a rosé that’s crisp on the nose and fresh on the palate and kindly asks you to sip away freely.

The crisp Pizzicato made for a great bridge between wines

When we did move onto the big boys, the contrast could not have been sharper: Conde San Cristobal is a deep, dark cherry coloured wine, comprising a mix of floral scents and a musky, earthy smell. There’s a spice on the palate with a lingering aftertaste to match, that leaves you in no doubt about this wine’s personality.

Personality all bottled up

To round off the evening, Nuncito 2011 from the Cellers les Pereres winery was served, and was quite possibly the star of the show. Featuring a grape blend of Garnacha, Syrah and Carignan, they combine to create a wine that’s flavourful, fruity and powerful on the taste buds and mineral on the nose. A perfect match with meat dishes and poultry dishes above all else, this wine had everyone chattering among themselves on the effect it had on them!

Quite possibly the night’s favourite pick…

Though not finalised yet, our next event will take us out of the world of wine for the first time, as we delve into some pretty special gin variations! Whilst we get the event details sorted out, as much as we love everyone who attends our nights, it is a first come, first served basis, but you can secure your place via deposit once the event is live! But, until that day, cheers to you and your kin, and have a glass on us!

The team in action as the guests enjoy themselves

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