TNB Quick Reads 1: Valentine’s Day

So, you’ve got your evening all set and planned (restaurant booked or your own special dish prepped and ready for your special person) and all that’s left is the right beverage to set the tone…question is, where on earth do you begin thinking what to choose? Here are our top picks from the main four categories: sparkling, rosé, white and red wines.

On the sparkling front, we suggest you turn to Barcelona with the Mas Comtal Cava. Pale-straw in colour, it’s perfect to start with, as we did for our Spanish-night – it’s fruity, it’s fresh and matches well with appetizers, but if you’re looking for a twist, it’s also pretty good with dessert.

In the rosé corner sits the Pacific Heights Zinfandel blush (‘cause that’s what the Yanks call rosé). Think juicy and fresh elements by combining rasp and strawberry with hints of watermelon, this might be one of our favourite rosés yet.

Looking for a white that matches with cheeses, Asian / fusion cuisine or spicy entrées? Well, for one that ticks all these boxes, go for Trimbach’s Classic Gewurztraminer – honestly, what more do you want from a wine?

If meat or game is on your menu for the night, this wine is not exactly our choice – it was actually chosen by our guests during our blind tasting a couple of months ago! The Papale Primitivo di Manduria Varvaglione is a wine that’s well rounded, smooth and deep enough in colour to really set the mood for the night…

So that’s two minutes of your time to get you well-versed enough to help you make a decision…so from all of us at TNB, happy Valentine’s Day and drink safe…you know what we mean.

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